Christian Homeschool Association of the Inland Northwest

We are a group of homeschoolers who meet weekly in a co-op format in Post Falls, Idaho

Christian Homeschool Association of the Inland Northwest - We are a group of homeschoolers who meet weekly in a co-op format in Post Falls, Idaho

Spring 2018 Classes

*Class grades are suggestions only. Parents who wish to move a student down or up are welcome to do so with the consent of the teacher.

*Where a class is listed under multiple age groups it is because the teacher feels it would be appropriate for more than just one age group.

*Where a teacher has listed more than one class in the same time frame, we will run the class that has the most registrations.

*Class costs are in addition to co-op participation fee. They will be paid on the first day of the semester, along with participation fees, to CHAIN.

Hour 1:

Step by Step Learn to Draw (suggested for ages 4-10):

In this class we will take basic shapes and learn to draw Castles, Knights, Ships, Animals, Superheros and more. . Students will be given the basic characters and will then create the background to complete and enhance their masterpiece.

Class Fee: $3 (to cover sketch book, crayons and colored pencils)

Teacher: Christy Brunk

Rainforest Unit Study (suggested for ages 6-10):

In this class students will learn all about that the world’s rainforest. We will cover geography, animals, science, the rainforest biome and so much more!

Cost: $3

Teacher: Caytie Seeds

My Wonderful Body (suggested for students 5-8 years):

In My Wonderful Body, students will marvel at how their bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made with incredible attention to detail by our creative and all-knowing Creator? We’ll cover major systems of the body including the circulatory system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the integumentary system, the immune system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the renal system, the respiratory system, and the skeletal system. Over the 12 week course students will enjoy plenty of interesting and informative videos and will conduct numerous, fun, hands-on learning activities.

Cost: $8 (for activity supplies, printing, & their own copy of the book My First Human Body Book. Scholarships available if needed.)

Teacher: Skye Salstrom

Math Games (suggested for students who are 8 years + and multiplication ready):

Let’s have some fun practicing multiplication and learning trips, tricks, and strategies to multiply!

Cost: $2

Teacher: Jennifer Schuler

Watercolors (all ages)

Any age welcome. but this class will focus on a more mature, older audience who are capable of understanding and applying techniques.  This will not be a ‘come and paint anything class’ but rather a class where each week is a different technique.  Some art history.  There will be at home assignments.

Cost: $10 (students will be responsible for replenishing their paint/paper supply if they use all that is provided)

Teacher: Jennefer Marker

Hour 2

Paint and Play-dough:

Time to engage the hands and imagination. While creating our masterpieces, we can also enjoy soft worship or classical music in the background and at times listen to a story read aloud.

Class fee: $7

Teacher: Jennifer Schuler

Konos (suggested for ages Kindergarten-10):

In this unity study we will examine different aspects of Science, History, Art and Social Studies through the godly character trait of Attentiveness. We will evaluate Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, Helen Keller, Alexander Graham Bell, Mary and Martha. We will read about eyes and ears and touch on sign language. We will explore with Davey crocket and Daniel Boone and we will discuss how Jesus through His ministry was attentive.

Class Fee: $10

Teacher: Christy Brunk

World War II Unit Study (suggested for 5th grade+):

In this class we will be taking a close look at WWII. Students will be required to read Parallel Journeys by Eleanor Ayer and 1 more book taking place during the war of their choosing.

Cost: $0

Teacher: Caytie Seeds

Second Semester Spanish (suggested for students who have already learned the basics)

This class is a continuation of 1st semester Spanish. We will continuing growing our vocabulary, developing an ear to translate, and grow our exciting world of verb conjugation. Students will get as much out of this class as they put into it. Quizzes are weekly. Homework is frequent. Class participation is required for all.

Cost: $5 (for printing)
Teachers: Mylinda Smiley 

Survival (8+):

This class would be intended for more mature students as it will combine a lot of classroom discussion with some of the hands on learning.  Students should be able to sit and maturely discuss topics with each other and accomplish some homework.

Cost: $0

Teacher: Jason Marker


Hour 3

Preschool Playtime (preschool ages or those needing a break from academics):

This will be an open, supervised, play time for the younger students who need to jump around a little, play a game, color, or sit quietly.

Cost: $0

Teacher: to be determined

Ballet (suggested for ages 5-10):

Come and learn the basics of ballet! Leotard, tights, and ballet shoes are recommended (I may be able to assist with ballet shoes if needed). This class will have an end of semester performance 🙂

Cost: $0

Teacher: Caytie Seeds 

Beginner Spanish (all ages):

This class involves learning our Spanish alphabet, numbers, colors, pronunciation, basic vocabulary, and much more. If your child already took this class but was too young to grasp the concepts the first time around, it may be wise to take it again.

Cost: $5 (for printing)

Teacher: Mylinda Smiley

Zoob Science  (elementary):

Use team work, deductive reasoning and critical thinking to build gadgets and solve fun  challenges. We will be discussing math and science concepts like force of motion and gravity.

Cost: $0

Teacher: Nikki Nolla

Geography through Art (8+ years):

This class will focus on learning about six of the seven continents through various cultural art projects.  Students will explore the continents through the mediums of sculpture, collage, drawing, batik, painting, and paper crafting.  Students will also be expected to research a country and present information along with some type of visual display.

Cost: no more than $15

Teacher: Racheal Ankeny

Poetry (10+):

Part of this class will focus on discovering and sharing published poetry from a range of poets.  Students will also be able to learn different forms of poetry as well as compose their own poems.  Students will publish a class poetry book and share at least one of their compositions out loud.  Students must be able to write without assistance and have some knowledge of basic grammar.  Weekly assignments will include poetry composition and finding published works to share.  A three-ring binder and pencil will be necessary for each class meeting.

Cost: $3

Teacher: Racheal Ankeny

Hour 4

Drop-in Story Time (younger children needing a break from academics for the day):

We will travel the globe and visit different countries through the eyes of missionaries. This class will involve geography, history, and cultural studies as we study missionaries who have stepped out in faith to change the world by sharing the truth of the Gospel.

Cost: $0

Teachers: Racheal Ankeny

Embroidery (suggested 10+):

Any age welcome. but this class will focus on a more mature, older audience who are capable of sitting still with a sharp needle for the entire class period. Students will learn various stitches, how to read a pattern, and design of own patterns.  Projects will include a change purse, bag, pillowcase and clothing embellishment.

Cost: $10

Teacher: Jennefer Marker

Horses (10 years of age+):

This class will be 12 solid weeks of equine education. We will learn about breeds in America and all around the world. Anatomy and tack vocabulary will become our second language. We will study the many sports and uses for horses, even in modern times, all over the globe. Students will need to be able to take notes as well as give a presentation on a chosen breed. The semester will close with an opportunity to ride horses as well.

Cost: $5 (f0r printing)

Teacher: Mylinda Smiley

British Literature (high school):

In this class, we will be covering some of the most famous literary works of all time. Discussion of the reading will be in-depth and from a Biblical perspective. Requirements: must be a competent reader and be able to do so at a reasonably quick speed, as we will be covering a considerable amount of reading in just 12 short weeks.

Cost: $0 (you will be expected to borrow or purchase books)

Teacher: Skye Salstrom

Cooperative Games (all ages):

This is an active class that will focus on games that require a bit of teamwork, collaboration and strategy.  Students should be able to have the ability to play fair, accept consequences and understand and follow rules.  We will also spend some weeks playing traditional playground style games.

Cost: $0

Teacher: Jason Marker