Christian Homeschool Association of the Inland Northwest

We are a group of homeschoolers who meet weekly in a co-op format in Post Falls, Idaho

Christian Homeschool Association of the Inland Northwest - We are a group of homeschoolers who meet weekly in a co-op format in Post Falls, Idaho

Code of Conduct

Christian Homeschool Association of the Inland Northwest

Code of Conduct

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

I Pet. 4:8


  • Be responsible for the actions of one’s own children, disciplining them in a discreet and respectful manner while participating in any CHAIN activity.
  • Adult co-op members should direct or correct someone else’s child verbally, not physically, and then only if the parent is unavailable to speak with the child. If one notices wrong behavior, try first to speak quietly and privately to the child, explaining the problem and warning them of consequence. If possible, the child’s parent should be told of any correction that has occurred.
  • A child co-op member should, if his or her parent is unavailable, obey verbal direction or correction from an adult co-op member without challenge, excuse, or delay, realizing that the child retains the power of appealing to his own parent or other co-op adults if needed.
  • Do not take God’s name lightly, use profanity or speak vulgarities.
  • Endeavoring to honor the Lord, we require the following dress code: 1) Shirt and shoes at all times, unless removed for certain activities as determined by the teacher; 2) no revealing or offensive clothing; and 3) no visible undergarments.



As guests in our facility, we want to be positive representatives of Christ in abiding by host facility rules and requests, as supervised by the Board.

  • Students will stay within those areas which have been authorized for CHAIN’s use and will not run in the halls or linger in the restroom or anywhere else unsupervised unless permitted by an adult.
  • Whenever possible, all members should leave each room cleaner than it was when they arrived, being proactive to do more than what is expected for the good of CHAIN and the work of the Lord.
  • No food in the sanctuary or classrooms. No red colored drinks in any area of the building.
  • Exterior doors are to remain locked during co-op hours.


  • The teaching team is the authority in the room. Students are expected to treat them with respect, courtesy, obedience and attentiveness. Students are expected to participate in all activities as the teacher directs.
  • All co-op members are encouraged to make every effort to be punctual to announcements and class as well as to all other co-op activities; all should avoid distracting the class by chatting.
  • Students are requested to refrain from bringing into the classroom any objects or materials unrelated to that particular class (except as kept completely unseen in a student’s book bag).
  • The young men and women at the co-op should treat each other with gentleness AND KINDNESS, and commit to building up each other through encouragement in whatever way possible.
  • Student Mediation: If one student has an unresolved problem with another student, he should go to his parent to mediate. The two or more parents of the children’s incident will follow Matthew 18 steps to help restore unity and Christian love. If still unresolved, they are urged to come to a board member to begin the steps of the grievance policy.

The following steps will be taken in dealing with a classroom behavior issue:

  1. Upon the first time of a particular class, the teacher will speak to the child privately.
  2. Before rejoining the co-op day, the child will agree to a change of behavior.
  3. If inappropriate behavior persists, the child will be taken to his/her parent. The adult will explain briefly to the parent what the problem was but save longer discussion for after co-op or lunch break so as to get back to the responsibility of the classroom. It is the parent’s responsibility to seek out the appropriate teacher if necessary, in order to clarify the nature of the problem that occurred.

Note to parents: While it may be inconvenient to have your child brought to you during class, it is important as we work together to train our children.